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About God’s Plan for Pregnancy

When Julie, my prayer partner in New Life Ministries, attended her prenatal childbirth classes during her first pregnancy, the midwife conducting the course opened the meeting by stating, ‘Childbirth is like a deck of cards. The hand you are dealt is the luck of the draw. My job is to show you how to manage with what you have in your hand’.

The purpose of this book is to reveal and teach God’s promises - His plan for conception, a healthy pregnancy, victory over miscarriage and safe childbirth, as well as caring for your newborn baby. And this doesn’t mean that you have to ‘manage with what you have in your hand’ but instead you can learn to overcome what you might face and walk in victory over it.

During my first pregnancy in 1994 I began to search the Bible regarding what God said on every area of fertility and pregnancy. What the Holy Spirit revealed to me as I studied His Word led me to write the first edition of this book, then called A Plan for Pregnancy - God’s Plan For Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth And Beyond with help from Julie. Since its publication at the beginning of 1998, Julie and I have had four more children between us. Shaun and I were blessed with identical twin boys and Julie and her husband had another two boys born two years apart. So I now have four children and Julie has five!

Since the publication of the first edition, God has continued to give me a deeper knowledge and understanding of His will for couples that are either beginning or building on their existing family. This led me to revise and expand my first book and then create this new book God’s Plan for Pregnancy.

Throughout this book I have outlined what God has provided in His Word for the areas of childbearing and healing. But I have not left you with knowledge alone; I have also revealed how to apply what God has provided so that you can see the fullness of the provision become a reality in your life.

It is my heart’s desire that you will discover through reading this book, that absolutely NOTHING is impossible and no Word from God shall be without power and impossible of fulfilment (Luke 1:37 Amp). Jesus said when you know the truth it will set you free (John 8:32). Through the work He did on the Cross, you can overcome any form of barrenness, miscarriage, fertility challenge or any other complication throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. Like me, you can triumph over your natural circumstances and obtain your victory.

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